Rebranding is a set of measures of changing the already existing brand, which should strengthen its market position. Rebranding is an integral part of long-stay brand in the market. Despite how much a logo, slogan or other symbols are successful, they should be updated at regular intervals to maintain the interest of the target audience. In addition, the graphic design also has its trends that are constantly changing.

What is rebranding:

  • Updating the brand;
  • Returning of attractiveness and interest of consumers;
  • Bringing new ideas and emotions;
  • Saving the basic elements of recognition.

The price of rebranding depends on:

  • The number of items needed for redesigning;
  • Reasons according to which rebranding is conducted- obsolete design or loss of reputation;
  • Needs of repositioning development.

Price in each case is calculated individually, for more information, please, contact the mentioned phone number.

Design and branding studio Bograch Design is ready to offer its services of rebranding. Employees of the studio have all the necessary skills and knowledge to implement the tasks of any complexity. Rebranding includes the following successive stages:

  1. Setting goals and objectives of rebranding, planning a technical task.
  2. Analysis of the scope, analysis of customer needs and internal audit of the brand.
  3. Development of the main elements of the internal style under terms of the technical task.
  4. Visualization due to the number of design concepts.
  5. Presentation of the results to the customer, making edits and choosing the final option.
  6. Payment.

When rebranding is necessary:

  • Outdated brand – trends are constantly changing and successful business owners should follow these changes;
  • The appearance of strong competitors in the market;
  • Changing the scope of the company;
  • Loss of reputation;
  • Merger of several companies into one.

The staff the studio will help you to develop or to edit existing concept of brand positioning, we will adapt the product according to new market conditions, improve brand recognition and make your brand competitive. Order the rebranding service on our website or use the phone number. We are ready to implement even the most extravagant ideas. Contact us.

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