Printing production

Polygraphic products have already taken its place in  everyday life and it is almost impossible to do without some items. The printing products include leaflets, flyers, business cards, notebooks, brochures, booklets, calendars, catalogs, posters, posters, invitations, certificates, letters, notebooks and much more. Polygraphy is often used as advertising, and therefore it is  very important to create an attractive design.

Development of design of promotional materials is an important element of the marketing complex. The studio of graphic design and branding Bograch Design is engaged in the development of design promotional materials for advertising companies and not only. Employees of the studio have extensive experience and professional skills, which will allow them to perform tasks of any level of difficulty.

Each advertising product has its own distinctive features, which must be understood and taken into account when creating a design. For example, the booklet of a potential client will be closely scrutinized and carefully read , and a large advertising board will be passed by fast.

What we are ready to offer you:

  • Individual approach to every customer;
  • Creative thinking and non-standard ideas;
  • Comprehensive approach to solving the tasks;
  • Loyal price policy.

In order to attract the attention of the target audience, it is necessary to clearly understand its needs and preferences. That is why, before moving to the design of advertising materials, our employees study the specifics of the field of activity, analyze the nature of the target audience and the advantages of your products or services. Only such approach allows us to understand the expectations of potential consumers from new products.

Order the development of the design of poligraphy can be on the contaact phone number. The cost of design depends on the complexity of the work, the timing of implementation and other factors. The final price is always calculated individually.

Work on the design of printing products consists of several consecutive stages:

  1. Agreement of the technical assignment with the customer;
  2. Analysis of the sphere of activities, strengths and weaknesses of products, as well as competitive environment;
  3. Development of several design variants;
  4. Discussion with the customer and amendment;
  5. Selection of the final design.
  6. Payment.

As a result, you will receive modern brochures, booklets, leaflets, posters,  which will draw attention to new products and will cause sales inrease.

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