Pack design

Nowadays, almost everyone wants to be an owner of the goods of a well-known brand. The brand makes consumers spend much money and therefore new businesses should pay much attention to this issue. One of the brand elements is the unique packaging that stands out from those of competitors. According to the most conservative estimate of researchers, changes in packaging design into more modern promote sales growth up to 5-30%.
Almost 80% of purchases we make impulsively. Firstly, we like the look of the product and only after that we pay attention to the content, capacity and quality. The main purpose of packaging is to draw attention and inspire confidence. Employees of design and branding studio Bograch Design has extensive experience in this field, are experienced in using modern tools of graphic design and take into account psychological aspects while designing the packaging.
We clearly understand that effective design – is the result not only of creative thinking but rigid calculation. To sell products successfully, the design of packaging must meet the following criteria:
• Reflect positioning strategy on the market – if your company’s products already on the market, we are ready to develop new design following the principles of corporate style;
• Practicality – in this case, you must be careful with nonstandard ideas, because if the package is not comfortable in use, the consumer will choose another product;
• Distinctiveness – not always bright colors with lots of elements attract the target audience, in some cases it is better to prefer minimalism or classic.
Properly created packaging design becomes an effective tool of brand, emphasizes the benefits of the product in comparison to competing products, becomes a true bearer of the brand ideology and presents products to consumers. The success of products on the market is more dependent on the quality of packaging. Whatever the form, it must be made of quality materials, high print quality and a modern design.
We know what you need:
• Experienced staff;
• Individual approach to everyone;
• Creative thinking and innovative ideas;
• Affordable prices.
Package design can be ordered on our website or by calling the telephone number. The cost is calculated in each case individually. Call for more information.

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