External advertising

Outdoor advertisment includes different advertising structures, that are installed on the facades of houses and on the streets. It is in great demand and forms the image of the company. It is important for the customer  to choose the right carrier. This can be a sign above the entrance to the institution, roof installations, volumetric letters, light boxes, panel-brackets or different kinds of pointers. In order to draw attention to the institution at night, you can additionally install light.

Due to the fact that the market offers a wide range of modern materials, you have the opportunity to order outdoor advertising for any budget. The period of operation of such structures depends on the quality of the materials used in the work and production technology.

No less important is the design of outdoor advertising because its  effectiveness  depends on it. It should look harmoniously with the surrounding architecture, but at the same time attract the attention of potential customers and stand out against the background of external advertising of competitors. Employees of the design and branding studio Bograch Design use modern design tools and they have a lot of knowledge that will help them to  implement tasks of any complexity.

In order to achieve the maximum from invested money , advertising must meet the following requirements:

  • Concise text – large text messages will not be perceived by the human eye, so it is better to confine to one, but understandable sentence;
  • Layout composition – all elements of advertising must have a logical location;
  • Text size – as far as external advertising should attract attention even from a long distance, it is better to use a large and readable font;
  • Colors – you can use company colors, but they should not be too pale;
  • Unique idea – a non-standard approach to solving standard problems can be the key to success.

You can order the development of the design of outdoor advertising on our website or use the phone number. If you need professional advice, feel free to contact us and  our staff  will answer all your questions.

When you plan the placement of outdoor advertising, it is necessary to take into account the legal aspect of this issue. Advertising should comply with the norms of the current legislation, in particular the Law of Ukraine “On Advertising”. For unauthorized placement of media administrative liability is provided.

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