Naming is the development of the company name or brand. At first sight, it may seem that this task can be handled by everyone, but, actually, it is not easy to make a creative and successful name. Company name as its trademark can be an effective marketing tool, but it must meet the following requirements:

  • Emphasize your competitive advantages;
  • Attract the attention of the target audience;
  • Indicate your uniqueness.

Employees of Bograch Design studio have enough experience and knowledge to create a bright, original and unique name for you. The price depends on the naming specification and the goods or service purposes and the number of orders.

The process of developing the company name or brand consists of the following s stages:

  1. Analysis of market, competitors and the needs of the target audience.
  2. Internal audit of the company, consisting of a study of the products characteristics, corporate values ​​and aims.
  3. Create a technical task according to which further work will be conducted. All the requirements and wishes of the customer should be included.
  4. Generating the number of the names options by the studio employees.
  5. Selection of the most successful names variants and visual support design.
  6. Selecting the final option.

Payment conditions are coordinated with the manager individually.

What factors influence the success of the established naming:

  • Easy pronunciation of the name;
  • Associativity;
  • Recall;
  • Sonority of the name.

As you see, in order to create a successful name many factors must be cosidered, and you should not be afraid of unusual ideas. An integrated approach to solving such seemingly simple tasks will prevent you from further problems with a name change into a more harmonious or recalling.

Professional namers identify separate approaches names creating:

  • Traditional – selection of titles is made by analogy with already existing on the market.
  • Descriptive – the name should clearly reflect the type of offered products.
  • Geographical – the name is associated with the geographical location of the brand.
  • Associative – the brand name should evoke positive emotions or show some lifestyle.

Each of the above mentioned approaches enables us to create a successful name that will be an effective tool in promoting products.

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