Logo design is the first step in establishing the company’s brand. Logo is a trademark that consists of several graphical elements due to which you will be recognized by potential and constant clients. It should accurately reflect the ideology of the company as much as possible, evoke credibility and willingness to be the owner of the proposed product.

Our graphic design studio develops brand and logo designs. The staff of the studio has extensive professional experience, knows how to solve common tasks creatively and has a good knowledge of modern graphic design tools.

To perform its function the created must be:

  • Universal – it must look good as a single element as well as combined with different backgrounds.
  • Simple – there is no need to use a large number of symbols, it is enough to combine several elements that will be clear to each consumer.
  • Easy to remember – the company name must be interconnected with images of graphic elements.
  • Quality – it is necessary to use relevant graphics and pictures. For instance, popular geometric patterns and elements.
  • Associative – logo should evoke associations and make people think.

Creating the logo, we take into account all the above-mentioned criteria. Thanks to the integrated approach of our work we are able to justify all the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Logo design algorithm is as follows:

  1. Discussion of the technical task of a customer (style, colours, ideas);
  2. Studying the specific features of the scope, the needs of the target audience, analysis of competitive advantages of your products;
  3. Development of several logo options by a designer with regard to the requirements stated in the specifications;
  4. Coordination of the final logo version with the client, making edits.
  5. Payment.

The created logo will help your company to expand its customer base, attract new clients and create a positive image. Logo can undoubtedly be called as the face of the company, so it should emphasize your individuality favorably on the background of the competitors.

Benefits of logo design by Bograch Design:

  • Individual approach to everyone;
  • Experienced staff;
  • Reasonable prices.

Logo design can be ordered on our website or calling the phone number. Examples of works can be found on the  page “Portfolio”.

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