Corporate Style

Corporative or company style is an important tool for the formation of the brand. The main objectiveof the style is to identify the products and distinguishing of its products on the background of similar products of competitors. The presence of corporative style indicates that the company has sufficient financial resources and confirms the high quality of the offered products and services.

The benefits of developing corporative style:

  • The last consumer can accurately find your product on the shelves of shops;
  • The effectiveness of advertising increases in several times;
  • Costs on promoting new products on the market are reduced up to 20%;
  • Company style improves corporative spirit among staff and evokes a feeling of being a part of final results.

Corporative style consists of many interrelated elements: trademark, logo, corporative unit, corporative slogans, colors, fonts set, characters, face of the company. In order to achieve the desired results let the highly-qualified staff complete the task of developing a corporative style.

Studio of graphic design and branding Bograch Design is a team of professionals who have all the modern tools of graphic design and are ready to implement tasks of any complexity. It is important to understand that all elements of corporative identity should be linked to each other and bear mutual idea, therefore, such a responsible job should be trusted to one studio.

The main carriers of corporative style are:

  • Printed advertising: brochures, calendars and postcards;
  • Souvenirs: pens, greeting cards, gift bags, desk accessories;
  • Office elements: branded notebooks, corporate folders, forms and envelopes;
  • Certification of employees and business cards;
  • Elements of office interiors: wall calendars, logo panels, large wall stickers.

The employees of our design studio, developing the corporative style of the company, take into account the field of activity, the list of services, type of product, a way of market promotion, needs of the target audience. Only a comprehensive approach enables us to create an effective and impressive corporative style that can leave its mark in the memory of each consumer.

To order the corporative style design, please call the number or fill in the application on our website. We are ready to develop a unique style for you.

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