Brandbook – is a major book of the company, which describes the features of use of corporate style use in details. As you know, this book is not created for customers but for employees who have to read the recommendations on using each stylistic element.

What is Brandbook for?

Each company that takes care of the promotion and development of its own brand, should have so-called “passport” brand standards. Thus, it is possible to organize more effective work with advertising agencies, designers and other contractors.

The cost of creating a brandbook depends on the complexity and amount of created elements. Normally a brandbook contains the following information:

  • A general description of the brand with the description of the target audience, values ​​and concepts;
  • Corporate style with brand colours, guidelines of logo and brand blocks usage;
  • Business documents: letterhead, design of proposals, business cards, envelopes and press folders;
  • Souvenirs: pens, diaries, notebooks, packages;
  • Printed materials: flyers, brochures, advertisments;
  • Design of the outlets: outdoor sign, interior, portable design;
  • Advertising in the media.

It is very important to follow all the rules and regulations mentioned in Brandbook to keep the corporate style. All the partners should use only those corporate standards, which are recorded in this book. This will help keep the brand recognition and promote products or services to a wide range of consumers more effectively.

Design and branding studio Bograch Design is ready to create Brandbook for you. The company can experience the effect of creating the main book immediately, as collaboration with advertising companies and partners will be easier. Brandbook presence indicates that the company takes care of its own brand and has serious intentions for the future.

Advantages of cooperation with Bograch Design:

  • Skilled staff;
  • An integrated approach of solving all the tasks;
  • Creative thinking;
  • Loyal price policy.

Brandbook design can be ordered on our website or by calling the telephone number. If necessary, we can arrange the order as soon as possible. Contac us to get professional consulting, we are ready to answer all your questions.

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