Brand creation

In the modern world, the concept of “brand” is used by ordinary citizens every day and everyone wants to become the owner of the famous brand. This allows you to emphasize the status in society and assert yourself in the eyes of the others. In terms of marketing, a brand is a set of emotional connections that are associated with the name of the product.

A well-known brand is the result of the painstaking work of a large number of specialists, who thought out every step in the promotion of the trademark. Conditionally, the process of a brand creating can be divided into the following consecutive stages:

  1. Creating the concept of a new service or product.
  2. The research of consumer needs and the measures to which these needs are fulfilled by potential competitors.

III. Creating a brand concept – at this stage it is necessary to determine the main distinctive features of the future brand and the advantages over competitors.

  1. Development of a complex of brand identification – name, slogan, sign, corporative style and rules for their usage, sound logo, components of the sign animation and so on.
  2. Development of brand documentation – Brandbook (book of the brand, which tells the history), the book of the marketer (in which the results of research are collected and the basic concept of the brand is described), the designer’s book (in which unified standards and principles of design for the brand are collected).
  3. Development of the strategy for bringing the brand to the market.

VII. Creating the means of communication with consumers, fans and brand followers.

It is worth noting that the sequence of actions when creating a brand can change, this could be affected by the specific nature of the field of activity and product features. Specialists of the design and branding studio Bograch Design have the necessary professional knowledge and skills to create a brand.

The cost of brand creation in each case is calculated individually and depends on the complexity of the task, as well as the amount of work. The list of brand creating services includes naming, creating a logo, slogan, company style, brand legend, brand-book, philosophy, purpose and positioning on the market.

Our team of professionals guarantees you an integrated approach to solving all the tasks. We will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Our team is ready to make corrections in order to achieve the best possible result. You can order the creation of a brand on our website or at the telephone number. Apply to achieve success in promoting of your own brand.

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